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Wholesale Catering Japanese Food Products

Why is Bento Box Ltd's sushi and bento catering special? It's the freshness, the authenticity and the skill of our chefs, among other things. See the following for our wholesale food product offerings and information such as the answer to the question, "What is a bento box?"

Bento Box provides a range of wholesale products to delicatessens, cafés, hotels, restaurants and canteens in the West of Scotland.

Our products include:

wholesale sushi box example

The most important ingredient in making great sushi is rice. Only Japonica rice guarantees that the sushi rice soaks up the flavoured vinegar, keeping it sticky and moist. That’s one reason our sushi tastes better than just about any other sushi on the local market.

Sushi has always been a hit with fish lovers and rightly so – but it’s not JUST about fish. A wide range of ingredients such as chicken, carrot or cucumber can be matched with vinegar-soaked rice to create sushi. Bento Box has chosen the very best so that we can offer you a variety of fish and non-fish based options, both traditional and new.

Take a look at our range here.

bento box prawn

A donburi is a packed single portion meal, with rice at the bottom of the bowl with a main dish consisting chicken, pork or vegetables with teriyaki based sauces on the rice. Donburi rice bowls are available all over Japan and from all sorts of outlets, to suit just about every budget – from roadside stalls, to celebrity chef-owned restaurants, even on the bullet train!

Our donburi is packed with nutrients and beautifully presented, offering guaranteed freshness and quality.

Please follow this link to see our Donburi range.

Sushi Rolls
wholesale sushi for restaurants

We supply catering companies with sushi rolls which are not packed in individual boxes, enabling caterers to add sushi rolls to their menu without the need to employ dedicated sushi chefs.

This product would be suitable for any restaurant, cafe, bistro, deli or supermarket.


Please contact us to request more details and prices for any of these products.